Are You Investing in Bitcoin?

bitcoin-001Bitcoin is one of the most fascinating subjects ever to get mainstream. It’s a peer-to-peer currency which is not controlled by any third party. As such, it’s completely decentralized, allowing each user to control their own funds and transact.

The question that is very important to answer, however, is whether or not the current state of affairs is still a good one. There are some people who have already declared that it’s a bubble, which it certainly is not. Therefore, is it even worth investing in?

In my opinion, yes. As with any new financial instrument, you should only invest in something that has proven itself time again to be a good investment. In other words, if it’s already been proved to be a good investment, it can withstand any sort of current market changes. This includes more cautious people who want to take the risk of having an investment based on speculation.

One of the big reasons why this is so important is because even when the price of bitcoin increases by hundreds of dollars, if the underlying protocol remains in place, then you are still making money. As an investor, you do not lose money simply because the price is up or down.

In order to understand this better, think about the stock market. When the stock market goes up, you get rich. The same holds true with bitcoin: if the price goes up, you’ll still make money.

But it’s not just the current state of affairs that should determine whether or not to invest in bitcoin. You also need to consider how long it will stay at the current rate. Keep in mind that every time you increase the amount of supply, the price goes down.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with at least one sure way to invest in the future of currency without the usual worries of just losing money. Please feel free to contact me for more information and advice on other things related to this topic.